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At Eagles Learning, we are proud of our teachers. Our experienced teachers are native English speakers and have special credentials for teaching many subjects such as English, Math, Chinese and public speaking.
Their professionalism and commitment are essential to our success and to yours. They will guide you along a well-defined learning pathway, monitoring your progress both inside the classroom and through homework.

Carmen Alayo

French/Spanish Teacher

Christie Carrington

Public Speaking/English Teacher

Lanette Shaw

English / Math Teacher

Teresa Dettling

Public Speaking Teacher


Math Teacher

Maggie Onedo

Public Speaking Teacher

Tadas Ceponis

Chess Coach

Elena Jounina

Elena Jounina

English Teacher​

Max Shao

Coding Teacher

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Carmen is a certified examiner for DELF A1, A2, B1, B2. This international certification allows her to evaluate students from around the world for these exams. She possess the DALF C1 certificate as a proof of her skill level in French. She worked with students with special needs for 7 years. With over 7 years of experience teaching French and Spanish to children and teenagers, Carmen has developed methods to manage small and large classrooms. During these years she has developed different techniques to reinforce the 4 skills of communication: reading, writing, listening and speaking to students and preparing them to a successful Delf Junior and Delf Prim exam.

Her classes follow the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages as guidance. This means that she teaches different subjects according to the levels stated by the Council of Europe. She also worked for Alliance Française where she got to know the different books and publishing houses such as CLE INTERNATIONAL, HACHETTE, DIDIER, among others, and compared the contents and the different approaches to the language. Her classes follow “l’approche actionnelle”, often used nowadays. This means that she does not work just with grammar but the 4 skills as a whole and put them into practice in a final task per class.

She also worked as a teacher in a public school in Paris for a year teaching Spanish to primary school children. This complete immersion into the French culture allowed her to really appreciate what the country has to offer. She also included French music, literature and arts in her classes as part of learning the language

Christie Carrington was born and raised in Vancouver, British Columbia. She has a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) with a major in Communications from Simon Fraser University and is an Accredited Public Relations Professional (APR designation) with the Canadian Public Relations Society. Christie also has an Enforcement and Investigation Certificate from the Justice Institute of British Columbia, where she learned to analyse body language and understand investigation techniques.

She spent over 30 years in the corporate communications industry in lead roles, acting as a media spokesperson and media training senior executives at some of British Columbia’s foremost companies and organizations, including the City of Vancouver, TELUS and RBC Royal Bank. Christie has also been an invited guest speaker for events such as the launch of Canadian Women in Public Relations and the World Public Relations Forum. Most of her family members have attended private schools in B.C. She is now dedicated to enhancing the lives and ensuring the success of students of all ages, by guiding them through the private school application process, providing interview and public speaking training and offering English evaluations and writing, reading and speaking lessons. Christie provides life and career coaching to students who are working to adjust to a new culture or seeking direction for a stable future. She also provides Western Canadian etiquette training for people of all ages who wish to make a significant and memorable impact wherever they go. In her spare time, Christie enjoys cooking, gardening, going to the gym and spending time with family.


Lanette Shaw has a Bachelor Degree in English Language & Literature from the Mico University College in Jamaica. She has many years of professional teaching experience working for the Ministry of Education in a classroom setting with students from Grades 7-11, where she taught a combination of English Language, Literature and basic Mathematics.

In addition, she has three years’ experience working as an early childhood educator and caregiver for children as well as an English tutor. She has passion for teaching since the tender age of 4. Her philosophy is that every child is born with a special gift and has diverse talents and capabilities, and as such has the potential to be great contributors to the society if he is allowed the opportunity to discover himself learning academically.

Tadas’ grandfather taught him how to play chess. Later, he has joined the local chess club in Lithuania, where he learned different chess openings, tactics and combinations. He was really inspired into the game, therefore, he has started to play international tournaments and championships for more than 15 years. However, he found his passion into teaching ,– just like his grandfather. There is no better feeling, once you become a witness of your student progressing from a zero to a master of the game. Working as a coach, the most important thing is connection with his class. If we can feel each other as a team and work towards our goal, we can achieve great things.

Teresa has a Bachelor Degree in History and First Nations Studies and a Master of Education in Curriculum & Instruction: Equity Studies in Education from Simon Fraser University. As the mother to a beautiful daughter, she strongly believes that every child has limitless potential to achieve academically while also being conscious of systems of oppression and privilege.

When Teresa enrolled her daughter in public school, she was very disappointed in the low educational standards and the lack of accountability in Canada’s public school system. As a result, Teresa was inspired to get a Masters of Education and seek opportunities for education outside of the public school system. Her area of expertise is teaching and developing curriculum that is centered around critical social justice literacy and critical media literacy. Teresa teaches public speaking, reading and writing at Eagles learning.

Elena has a Bachelor Degree in English and German Studies in Teaching and Translation. She also has a broad expertise in teaching general and college-level ESL amongst international students, adult immigrants and refugees in various settings.
Senior leadership experience in designing and implementing culturally diverse and socially equitable curriculum, serving students across multiple countries including Russia, Japan, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Israel, Kazakhstan, Bangladesh, Pakistan, India, China, Canada, Egypt, Iran, Morocco, French Canada (Québec), Turkey and Mongolia.
She is passionate and enthusiastic education advocate accomplished in administering placement, assessment, and testing for ESL programs, and promoting student growth and self-learning initiatives.

Maggie is profession in Film Arts and Acting.

She conducts small group activities focused on differentiated learning needs.
Prepared students for exams and interviews.
Monitoring academic progress in order to provide fun yet challenging homework.
Organized yearly galas and recitals where student performed memorized poems and stories.

Max is a full-time professional software developer. He has been programming ever since he was a kid. He loves sharing my knowledge with people.

Max worked in multiple industries developing various types of software. He has over 3 years of professional CS tutoring experience. He worked with students of all levels of experience, from elementary school to second year undergraduate, as well. 

With Eagles Learning, you have room to grow and develop your teaching skills in a way that is both personally and professionally satisfying. Our one-on-one approach enables you to adapt your teaching method to students of all ages, strengths, and learning methods to help them succeed. The progress is tangible and immensely rewarding for those with a passion for education. If this sounds like a dream come true, pinch yourself—it’s not. It’s just how we do things here at Eagles Learning Tutors! Join our team and fulfill your passion for teaching.

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