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Public Speaking

Public Speaking

Today within the academic world as well as in the professional world public speaking is a required skill. Ideas are conveyed through visual media as much as the written word. Therefore, individuals who lack public speaking skills are at a disadvantage to their peers academically and professionally. Today when students begin their first year of University, they are expected to immediately begin to build their personal brand and develop professional skills concurrently to attaining their University degrees. When a student enters University with limited public speaking skills, they are behind before they have even begun!

Public speaking does not come naturally to individuals, the fact that it is estimated that a third of the population experience fear and stress when they speak in front of a large audience is evidence of this. That so many people struggle with public speaking is also evidence that a significant amount of time and energy should be allocated to teaching public speaking. In addition, any public speaking curriculum should be created and implemented with care so as not to create or increase an individual’s fear of public speaking.

What are parents to do?

We all want to ensure that our children receive an education that ensures they are leaders and innovators. Sadly, public speaking curriculums are just one of many ways the public school system fails our children. There does not exist a substantive public speaking curriculum within the public school system. Therefore, students who attend public schools do not get the opportunity to develop their public speaking skills at the same level that students who attend the top private schools.

We give our learners a holistic environment that is attentive to each child’s unique gifts as well as their emotional development. Our Public Speaking Leaders program has three levels that ensure that your child can learn public speaking skills that will enable them to stand out for their ability to convey complex ideas in a variety of academic and relatable ways. Gradual, safe exposure to public speaking that helps our learners gain confidence, build resilience and develop sophisticated public speaking skills

At Eagles Learning center we work to not only fill the gaps in students’ education that the public school system creates and to also create curriculums that enable your children to reach their full potential academically, professionally, and interpersonally. That is why we have developed a comprehensive, interdisciplinary public speaking curriculum for your child! Our Public Speaker Leaders program has a gradual and thorough curriculum that ensures your child learns sophisticated public speaking skills.

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