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Our Comprehensive English Program allows our learners to develop advanced multi-literacies and critical literacy that enable them to become advanced communicators across all technologies. Instruction takes a focused approach on the four core language skills: public speaking, critical thinking skills, reading comprehension, and academic writing.

Classes provide diverse conversational activities aimed at strengthening pronunciation, vocabulary, and grammar. Our program engages our students in a wide variety of literacy practices that allow our learners to develop the skills.

A cornerstone of Eagles Learning literacy program is critical media literacy. Today children are being bombarded with a wide array of information through social media and other conduits of popular culture. 

As a result, it is vital that our learners develop the critical thinking skills to analyze information and determine what is academically sound.

Learner-centered curriculum

Progressive learner spaces

Revolutionizing educators

Connecting parents and educators

Our weekly Reading and writing classes are informed by renowned Educator and author Lisa Donohue. Each class is one hour and thirty minutes and follows Lisa Donohue’s “Balanced Literacy” model. This means that classes are divided into three segments.
– the teacher models a specific literacy skill
– the learners’ practice with the support of the teacher
– the teacher works with small groups of students

This ensures that students are given the time and opportunity to fully comprehend the lesson. Students are then given homework that ensures they will be able to continue their learning at home throughout the week.

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