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An educational system that every child need

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Eagles Learning is an educational system designed to develop children’s growth mindset, release and give direction to inner motivation, build proactive learning habits, and develop comprehensive literacy and critical thinking skills. All of these reach and surpass the achievement levels and students who attend private schools.

At Eagles Learning we know that all parents have big dreams for their children! As a result, we as parents struggle to find resources and experiences that will enable our children to grow to be leaders, innovators, and creators that can take control of their educational destinies! We have a four-part approach that creates optimal learning environments and learning experiences.

BC Curriculum

At Eagles Learning center, we teach Singapore Math and other BC sciences include physics, chemical, etc


Our comprehensive language program allows our learners to develop advanced multi-literacies and critical literacy, etc

Extra Curriculum

We also have chess, public speaking classes for students to develop professional skills concurrently


At Eagles Learning, we are proud of our teachers. Our experienced teachers are native English speakers and have special credentials for teaching many subjects such as English, Math, Chinese and public speaking.
Their professionalism and commitment are essential to our success and to yours. They will guide you along a well-defined learning pathway, monitoring your progress both inside the classroom and through homework.

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